You've picked the venue, secured a date, and found the perfect dress. Now what? Invitations, of course! Here at The Lodge we've worked with many vendors and we've seen it all. From hand-written calligraphy to DIY invites, we have the inside scoop on the best fit for you and your big day! 


The perfect option for the bride who wants a completely custom and one-of-a-kind set. Hire a professional calligrapher to create a unique style, and if you're lucky you can even find one who will add personal touches such as watercolor and more!


Kristen Henderson Calligraphy -

The Write Occasion Calligraphy



If you are looking for a high-end look for a lower price than completely custom invitations, then this is your number one option! You can find a ton of beautifully made wedding invitations that have custom designs from multiple sites, such as Minted. All you do is choose your favorite designs, insert your information, and voila! Then send them to you in the mail. The perks of using a site like this? They can even send matching decor and other printed items, such as place cards. 



The perfect middle ground, custom digital invitations are one of the most popular choices among brides today! Generally, these invitations run much cheaper than custom calligraphy - however, you could fool just about anyone. They are created digitally, so you can choose any design you wish! For the brides who want a little more customization than a pre-made template, Etsy is definitely the place for you. Many designers sell their invitations on this site and they allow you to pick and choose things such as color options, etc.

If you want 100% customized and unique invitations, however, there are other designers - like Margo Nichol - that provide those kinds of services. This is a wonderful option for brides who would like the look of a handmade invitation, but also want their invitations to be completely custom for them.