A wedding day timeline is SO important, and a huge help if you hand them out to important people (like your parents, MOH, and Best Man). Also, it's a wonderful tool to have when talking to your caterer and other vendors about arrival times and more! 

To help all of you new brides out - because believe me, we know how hard planning can be! - we've created a Wedding Timeline (that you can download + edit by clicking the button below). This timeline is a detailed version of anything that you could come across for your wedding day, and should help make your life a little easier! 

Here is a version we've completed, with suggested times! A few tips to remember when creating your own timeline...

  • Makeup alone should take about 45 minutes for each Bridesmaid and about 1 hour and 15 minutes for the Bride
  • The cocktail hour should last about 1 hour, 1.5 hours max! Your guests will sometimes get anxious. That is why you want to take a majority of your group photos before the Wedding begins.
  • Just remember, this is YOUR wedding and you can do it however you like! Don't stress too much about "tradition", instead do what's best for you as a couple and what makes you happy. 
Wedding Timeline Template.png

Click below to download your free Microsoft Word Template and have fun scheduling away! Enjoy!